LT35 is a cost-effective professional data collector. Designed for efficient field work in the most demanding conditions, LT35 features sunlight readable VGA screen and up to 10 h operating time.

Key Features

● Rugged and professional Windows  Mobile Data Collector
● 3.7’’ sunlight readable VGA screen 
● Built-in 3G network modem, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
● 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus
● 6500 mAh battery for 10 h endurance
● Alphanumeric keypad


Extremely affordable, LT35 is an ideal rugged field PDA for an extensive range of applications from GIS data collection and maintenance, agriculture field measurement, environmental control…


With an integrated 3G network modem, LT35 offers advanced methods needed to access the Internet and exchange project files with your office. Wireless connection to external devices such as a laser range finder or RTK receiver is simple with LT35’s Bluetooth and WiFi capability.


Compatible with field data collection software running on Windows Mobile, the LT35 is the solution if you are looking for an easy-to-adopt controller.


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